The Elephant NOT on the Bill 
Addressing Revenue Leakage  

Gotransverse hosted a webinar entitled, “The Elephant NOT on the Bill – Addressing Revenue Leakage.” The webinar included a presentation by MGI Research, an independent research firm focusing on agile monetization. The webinar also reviewed the prevalence of revenue leakage in all businesses, the causes of revenue leakage, and potential solutions.  


During the presentation, Sean Daniel, Chief Financial Officer, and Brian Reid, Vice President of Sales for Gotransverse discussed ways to recognize and reduce revenue leakage with Andrew Dailey, Managing Director of MGI.  Participants  learned: 

  • How to add 3-5% or more to your top line without adding products or increasing sales. 
  • The multiple causes of revenue leakage. 
  • Successful strategies to reduce revenue leakage and increase profits. 
  • How addressing revenue leakage can improve customer experience, increase customer satisfaction, and improve competitive differentiation. 

“Revenue leakage affects companies of all sizes in all industries,” said Reid. “No business is immune from it, and it can have a measurable impact. Revenue leakage is the most ubiquitous challenge in billing.” 

Webinar Hosts:

VP of Sales @Gotransverse
Brian is a relentless advocate for the customer with 15 years of experience in Customer Success, Solution Design, Architecture, Business Analysis, and Technical Design. His strong technical and business acumen, along with the ability to translate customer needs into business requirements and applicable system architecture, has allowed him to deliver solutions that not only meet the customers' current needs but future demands of the business. Before joining the team at Gotransverse in 2015, Brian spent the first decade of his career at National Instruments leading and managing Business Analysts for critical manufacturing projects, systems, and processes. Brian is a proud graduate of Texas Tech University and enjoys cheering for the Red Raiders.

CFO @Gotransverse
Sean joined Gotransverse in February of 2018 as Vice President of Finance and is responsible for the finance and legal functions. Prior to goTransverse, Sean held progressive leadership roles at Upland Software, Dell Computer, and Continental Airlines. He is a senior executive with more than 25 years of experience in finance and operations management with expertise in leading complex business analysis, aligning strategy, and driving operational excellence. Sean enjoys traveling, live music, spending time with friends and family and being active outdoors. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Arizona and still claims it’s only a dry heat.

Andrew Dailey Headshot.jpg
Managing Director @MGI Research
Andrew Dailey is a co-founder and managing partner of MGI Research. Andrew brings his 25+ years of diversified technology and financial services experience working in the enterprise software market and Fortune 500 firms to his clients. A frequent industry speaker, Andrew is a recognized leader in the area of Agile Monetization and Quote to Cash process improvement. Prior to MGI Research, Andrew was a partner at the Jetstream Group where he advised Fortune 500 CIOs on software procurement negotiations, enterprise application strategies, and outsourcing/offshoring. Andrew also spent eight years at Gartner, where he co-founded the Software Asset Management practice, led the ERP research in Europe, and received numerous research awards. 

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